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Commercial For Sale
Ffryes Estate
Starting Bid: $ 970,000
This parcel of land is located in Ffryes Estate, and is approximately 1.39 acres or approx 60,506 sq. ft.   Directions:  Travel west on the Jolly Harbour Main Road (Valley Road Main Road), pass Jolly Harbour on your right, pass Sugar Ridge on your left, pass Foxtail Restaurant on your left, and pass Valley Church Beach on your right.  Keep traveling west over a hill, then keep left at the "fork" on your left side of the road.  Follow the directional arrow sign, and the parcel of land is about 30 yards on your left.
Size: 60506 sq ft
Residential Land for sale
Residential For Sale
Starting Bid: $ 85,000
Residential parcel of land located in Buckelys with approximately .24 acre or 10,018.8 sq. ft.   Directions: Travel along Buckelys Main Road all the way into Buckleys, and turn left after the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Keep left at the "fork" in the road with the sign "Buckley Country Club".  Drive all the way along this road then make the 4th right turn and the property is on the corner on your left.  The land is approximately 800 yards on your left.
Size: 10018 sq ft
Auction Residential Property
Residential For Sale
Five Islands
Starting Bid: $ 505,000
Property located in Five Islands with approimately 1,676 sq' of building and sits on approximately 5,662.8sq' of land. The  property consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living/dining and a rare verandah.  
Bed: 2.0
Bath: 2.0
Size: 1676 sq ft
Commercial Auction
Residential For Sale
Antigua Village
Starting Bid: $ 427,000
This studio villa is located in Antigua Village and sits on approximately  2,178sq' of land with approximately 690 sq' of building. Accomodation: studio, kitchen, living & dining and verandah. Directions: Travel north on Anchorage Main Roadand turn left at Sandals Grande Resort aand travel west.  Make a right at Grand Bay Casino and travel around a left bend into the carpark, and Antigua Village is on your left.  The unit that is a vailable for sale is 42B
Bath: 1.0
Size: 690 sq ft
Auction Residential Land
Residential For Sale
Starting Bid: $ 42,000
  Parcel of land located in Swetes with approximatley 0.24acres or 10,454.4sq'. Directions: Travel south on Buckleys Main Road until you arrive at the 4 way intersection(junction that provides options to go right to Fig Tree Drive  or left to go to Tyrells Main Road or continue traveling straight into Swetes).  Continue traveling south and further into Swetes on Olney Frederick Road and pass three(3) left turns until you arrive at a "fork" in the road.  The parcel of land is the 1st on your left.
Size: 10454 sq ft
Auction Residential Property
Residential For Rent
Clarks Hill
Starting Bid: $ 765,000
  Property located in Clarks Hill with 4,200sq' of building and approximately 10,934sq' of land.  
Bed: 3.0
Bath: 3.0
Size: 4200 sq ft
Auction Commercial Property
Commercial For Sale
Newgate Lane
Starting Bid: $ 908,000
  Commercial Property for sale on Newgate lane, with approximately 2,178 sq' of land and approximately 2,376sq' of building. Directions: Travel west on Newgate Street, pass Corn Alley, Market Street and the Police Station then make the next left turn onto Newgate Lane and the property is the 2nd on your left.  
Size: 2376 sq ft
Auction Residential Land
Residential For Sale
Scotts Hill
Starting Bid: $ 222,000
This parcel of alnd is located in Scotts Hill and is approximately 0.5acre or 21,780sq' approximately. Directions: To find this parcel of land travel south on American Road and turn left onto Scotts Hill Main Road.  Travel all the way up the hill, pass 3 left turns and make the next left turn and travel north along this road.  The parcel of land is on your left.
Size: 21780 sq ft
Auction Residential Land
Residential For Sale
Golden Grove
Starting Bid: $ 166,500
This parcel of land is located in Golden Grove and is approximately 26,136sq'. Directions: Travel west on Mount Zion Baptist Drive and make the 2nd right turn and travel north along this road.  Pass 3 corners on your left and continue traveling north, the parcel of land is on your right with derelict vehicles and a derelict wooden structure and is overgrown with bushes and shrubbery.  
Size: 26136 sq ft
Auction Residential Land
Residential For Sale
Five Islands
Starting Bid: $ 96,000
Location of Property: Donovan’s, Five islands. Directions: When traveling west on the Perry Bay Main Road, pass the old “Ribbit Nigh Club” on your right.  Keep traveling in this direction up the hill then make the 1st right turn and travel along the dirt road. The parcel of land is on your right approximately two parcels before you get to the blue house. There are galvanized fence posts bordering at each side of the land.  
Size: 13503 sq ft